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Down Under

Down Under

Hello everyone! As promised in my last post, I would be doing a post about some of my favorite Australian online brands and boutiques! Ordering from Australian websites is a good way to get some great pieces that you won’t see everywhere and mostly, is just fun to browse whenever you want to online window shop.

As for the dress I’m wearing in this post, it is from an amazing Aussie brand called Spell & the Gypsy Collective! I love this dress because of the gorgeous print, plus it’s just really fun to run and twirl around in. It’s the perfect summer dress because it’s dressy enough to wear to a special occasion, but also casual enough to wear when you are running around town or grabbing a meal with a friend.

Dress: Spell & the Gypsy Collective
Shoes: Sam Edelman trina sandal (Sold out but can be purchased on eBay, where I got them. SO COMFY and my favorite sandals ever!!!)
Belt: Goodwill

Now, here are some of my favorite Australian online boutiques & labels:

Princess Polly -

Princess Polly is one of my favorite Australian online boutiques. They sell a lot of the same stuff as LF does, but for MUCH cheaper. Most of their stuff is relatively affordable (although I’ve noticed they have been getting more expensive lately), usually ranging from $30-50, but you can find coupon codes for them all the time and use student discounts and whatnot. One of my favorite items that I’ve worn a LOT in this blog is the Arizona belt I’ve gotten from Princess Polly! Their quality ranges at times, along with a lot of other fast fashion stores but most of the time you can find gems on the website.

Verge Girl - 

Verge Girl sells a lot of the same stock as Princess Polly but I would say that they style their pieces better and have a little bit more selection. Unfortunately the shipping is pretty slow and their return policy isn’t great but they do have some really cute items and it’s really fun to browse through! If you are going to take the plunge & buy something though I would try and find it on Princess Polly first before buying on Verge Girl.

Spell & the Gypsy Collective - 

Spell is probably the most well-known Australian brand at the moment. Some of their stuff is also sold in Free People and it sticks true to heavy bohemian vibes! They come out with super beautiful prints and patterns, and the dress I’m wearing in this post is from Spell. They are pretty pricey but so far everything I’ve ordered from them has been really good quality, plus they have really good return policy for those in the US!

Arnhem -

Arnhem has a very similar style to Spell but I would say slightly less boho. I’ve worn two of their kimonos to festivals in the past and I ADORE both of them! Both kimonos were extremely high quality, and did not tear or get messed up even though they were both made out of lace. Arnhem makes cute printed playsuits, tops, and shorts but I think where they really shine is in their beautiful lace pieces.

Lenni - 

Lenni the Label is probably one of the coolest brands out there. They come up with items like embroidered velvet vests and pants, star printed bells, and glittery capes. I love Lenni because their designs are SO unique and their looks are super refreshing in comparison to a lot of other brands and designers out there.

If you've made it all the way down here, I love you forever. 
Look out for my next post on Sunday!! :)

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Off Duty

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