Hello, my name is Karen Cheng!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog… yes I have fallen into the cliché of another 20-something year old girl that has created yet another fashion blog *cue the eye rolling*. As if we need any more of those in the world…

… but you can deal with just one more :)

Anyway, a little bit about me – I am Karen Cheng, 23 years old working as a business analyst in San Diego. Fashion has always been one of my favorite modes of art – and ironically, this passion was further elevated once I started working in a corporate job. This made me realize that the freedom to express my creativity in the means of my clothing is so important to me. I constantly would be thinking about what I would rather be wearing for the weekend instead of my typical blazer, blouse, skirt office attire and I decided – why not channel that into a blog?

There is nothing more exhilarating to me than finding the perfect vintage piece, or pairing together an outfit for an occasion. This sounds melodramatic but I kid you not, nothing else brings me as much pure joy (maybe besides binge watching The Office).
I will be posting twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday. I hope that this blog not only suffices as a creative outlet for myself, but as a consistent means of inspiration and relatable fashion for you!